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Brian Wells – founder of WELLS ARTS FOUNDATION 

It is with working together as a united source of energy. Energy can never be created or destroy, it is always there and has always been. WELLS ARTS FOUNDATION will blow your potential mind into perspective point of your living creation.


It is omnipotent to improve your purpose once it has being discovered in your life’s perspective.


Brian Wells has opened the Brian Wells Writers Book Club as a platform for WELLS ARTS FOUNDATION to create new and fresh purposeful human beings.

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 What’s your purpose?

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Through a documentary, called, "WHAT'S YOUR PURPOSE" which was directed and produced by Brian Wells in 2006, Brian came with the concept of opening an arts centre for the young and talented. This only came in place with a foundation of a writers book club called, BRIAN WELLS WRITERS BOOK CLUB, and there after grew into a dancing platform for the aspiring dancers and play writers. This made writers and poets come together to form the first ever writers book club in South Africa. The club is also known as Elements Of Writing. There are branches operating in the provinces of South Africa.

Wells Arts Foundation has established writing, visual arts, poetry, drama, dancing, etc. This is to mould young and old into their destined talent.

You too can be part of this great initiative: Just follow Brian Wells on facebook and you can inbox him, or you can email: 1wellsfoundation@gmail.com

Be inspired when walking in Wells Arts Foundation, you will get what you wish to have in your life.

Your life is the most expensive source in the universe. You should make great use of what your life has to offer you today.

Thank you Zweli Nkosi, you have done us proud.

Zweli has won first price in Giyane High School 2013. Wells Arts Foundation has produce great creative talent again.

Dondo Dithebe, Zweli Nkosi and Brian Wells




27 September 2014

Geluksdal Stadium South Africa

ALL INTERESTED MUST EMAIL: 1wellsfoundation@gmail.com

YOU CAN ALSO CALL: +2778 959 3521/ +2799 7353 - BRIAN WELLS



WELCOME TO THE GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About the games 2014


Wells Arts World Cup






Each artist will have 2 items to perform to be able to go into the quarter finals, but only 8 will be chosen


4 of the best will be chosen to go into the semi finals


The best 2 will remain to go into the finals Quarter finals


2 of the best from Drama, Dancing, Singing and Poetry will be chosen Semi finals


1 of the best from Drama, Dancing, Singing and Poetry will be chosen Finals


 2 of the best from one of the 4 categories will be chosen to compete for the world cup Winners take it all:

Trophy, grand-prize and weekend away

what's your pupose Home - what's your pupose 


Wells Arts Foundation:

The branches with its planning committee will be planning the biggest event to be happening this year. The branches will each perform its own event. All branches will have their names for each event. The events will be split into 4 catogories (still to be discuss).

Adverts will be placed everywhere for people to know in advance what to expect from the organization. The organization aims to open a few other branches in all other provinces.



Dondo Dithebe , Phelo, Josiah Langa (MJ), Benildo Lackay,Mr Serote, Kolodi Doctor Sinong

The above mentioned people are few of the poets, writers and artists who have successfully gone through a programme of mentorship and development, through the Wells Arts Foundation.

They have distinguished themselves as big talent in their chosen fields.


Dondo Dithebe

Cell: 082 977 9403

Tembisa Kempton Park

He is a published author under our stable; he wrote the book titled, Children Of Regret. The book is centrally based on the notion that children should be properly raised to avoid them falling through the cracks of society. It was inspired by the birth of Lerato, Dondo’s only child who is now thirteen years old.

The author is an accomplished motivational, youth and community worker, who has fifteen years’ experience in personal youth development covering issues such as tourism, environment, education, employment and training.










 Who is Brian Wells

 Brian Wells is the 6th generations of his family name the Wells from England Kensington. Wells was born in South Africa 1983. He was his mother’s second born and raised by his loving grandparents and given altruistic love. Brian was never thought the ways of working through life and experiences. His childhood life was remarkably disturbed by the abuse lifestyle he was forced into. His mother loved him but was pressured to have Wells abode with them.

After an epic experience which lead to Wells having to find out and define life with his own expertise in the manner he perceived it. He then received a vision of writing a book which would facilitate the mentality of the thinking process of human behaviour on a daily bases.

After this expedite process was in motion, many people around the world wanted a piece of Wells’ material. Wells discovered from that publication that he needed to do more. He experiences the struggle and poverty and lack of educated people around his country (South Africa). He developed creativity in his mind and pursued a bigger dream which he believed God was in motion with this valiant idea. Wells started a writers book club in 2008, called BRIAN WELLS WRITERS BOOK CLUB. The club was started in Geluksdal where Wells was born and raised. The club started with over 100 members and the club had different writers, poets, and all other arts was just in the mind of other members. Wells with his first book got an award for best book published in Ekurhuleni for the Mayoral Awards in 2008. With this award he saw a much greater need, and that necessitate was a bigger and deeper picture of his dream in pursuance. Wells with his second book published titled, BECOME GREAT THROUGH SOUND, moved to Tembisa where he opened another branch and perceived that his need and vision to help out was bigger than anything he has ever thought of. He then launched his second branch in 2009 in Tembisa. This was where the vision grew, his members had more to show than just writing their own stories, and they wanted to showcase their talents and this is when Wells came up with an organization that will serve all talented young people, because he was scared that talents are being wasted. Wells started his Wells Arts Foundation in 2011 where he combined all his branches into one organization and all the divisions will be operating under this name. the Wells Arts Foundation has climbed the ladder and this is what has made Wells become more greater in his work than ever before.

Wells is now publishing work for his members and at the same time is he assisting youth to overcome their fear of not rendering their talents to any shows that has surpasses.

Wells has made his great grandfather’s dream come true as well as his own, because Wells and his great grandfather, Elliott Wells, had the dream of changing the mind of how young people perceive the future. This is what all young people need in the world; they need an upliftment of change in their entire life.




 The Heritage event went well

Here are some of the pictures which were taken on that day:





Arts On The Move event in GELUKSDAL - November:

Arts On The Move event in GELUKSDAL - November: Market Theatre, Manichand Beharilal and all other groups joined us on this HISTORICAL event. This is a start for new beginnings. Brian Wells has done it again. He changed many young people's lives and more will be happening for this young man and his dream for his organization.

BRIAN WELLS you are blessed with all you work for communities, especially those who are not being recognized
















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